Time to put up the decorations

It is now less than a month until Christmas and as you travel around your towns or cities, you will notice many of the shops start to decorate their windows with colorful seasonal decorations and trimmings. Well why should bricks and mortar have all the fun, why not add a few Christmas touches  to your Printfection  store front to help get your visitors in the gift buying mood.

You might choose to have a background with a festive flavour, or perhaps even add a Christmas touch to your logo as I have done at Ukulele Shirt World or as our hosts at Printfection have also done

To get you started on your way, here are some sites that provide free Christmas resources that you can use:

 It might seem like a pretty small thing to do, but you just might be surprised at the impact it has. Google do it for a variety of events / holidays. It displays that you are keeping your store fresh and current whilst at the same time getting in to the seasonal spirit.

28.11.2007. 07:33

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