See your store through the eyes of a robot

Even though we have CSS and HTML that are supposed to be standards, the fact is that some browsers still interpret certain aspects of your store differently. There are many reasons for this, but if you consider that your store shoppers could be visiting on Windows, Mac, or Linux using one of a wide numer of browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and any one of the Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Gecko, etc).

Now, you could go out and set yourself up with a few different PCs, Macs and Linux, but for the purposes for testing, this is surely overkill. There is a better way, and that way is

Browsershots is a fantastic open source, free service that allows you to test your store design on a number of different platforms. All you have to do is enter your complete store url (, select the platforms that you want to test on and hit submit. or further fine tuned testing, you can also specify a number of options around screen resolution, javascript and others. Your request gets added to a queue and after a few minutes, and a reload of the web page, you will start to see screen shots of your store.

The various screenshots give a great picture of how your store will run in different browsers. Here are my three stores:

Ukulele Shirt WorldAutolifeSide Show Clothing


It's proven invaluable for me since it became available and I actually enjoy seeing my whole storefront in one image.

16.12.2007. 03:38

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