Rough Guide: Editing the new templates Part 2

Continuing on from last time,  lets  have a deeper look at the Printfection Templates.

<TD id=maincol vAlign=top>
<DIV id=breadcrumb>##breadcrumb## </DIV>##content##
<DIV id=prop1></DIV></TD></TR>

This is the main content area of your stores. At the top of this section is the breadcrumb that lets visitors know where they are. This is also the are that displays all of your sections and products, as well as the shopping cart. Style it anyway you lik, from background to fiont and borders.

<TD id=footer colSpan=2></TD></TR>

The final block of your page sits behind the copyright and privacy links. You can again style this to your tastes.

The templates are on the whole, incredibly simple. Depending on which templaye you use, with some simple background and border CSS, you can create an absolutely unique and personal store front at Printfection.

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