One Subsection in two different sections

Can we have a sub section in two different sections?. For example, you have two top level sections:

* Holidays
* For the lovers

You would like to create a section of Valentine's Day products and would like to have it under sections. Well, up until now, this would have meant creating two sub sections and filling each of them with products, effectively creating duplicates. Ugly!

I have found a very simple solution to this conundrum. As an example, look at my favourite store:

Each of these sub sections will link back to the appropriate section.

How is it done?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Create an empty subsection in the normal way in both of the parent sections. Give them a section image, and add a teaser if you like. Don't add products to both, only the one, leave the other empty.

Then edit the empty subsection description and add the following text:

<script type="text/javascript"> location.replace("/Ukulele/Parental-Advisory/_s_45449");</script>

Change the url (between the quotation marks) to the url of the subsection that has the products in it. What we have done here is tell the browser to redirect to the specified URL when the visitor goes to the empty subsection. Told you it was simple! Just in case the user does not have javascript enabled we need to add a little bit extra to be nice to them. Add the following after what we already have in the description:

<noscript>This Section has been moved to <a href="/Ukulele/Parental-Advisory/_s_45449">here</a></noscript>

Again, change the HREF to your populated section. In both cases, the URL could be a different section, a different store or a completely external website.

23.11.2007. 15:18

Cartesian Bear on 21.04.2008. 17:40

I tried this with a section from my old store that I want in my new store, and it works!

The only warning is that it *moves* the user to the other page ... it does not show the products in the style of the second location.