Adding a links page to your Printfection Store

One thing that many people have asked for is a simple way to add a page of links to their Printfection Store. There is no built in way to do this, however by using the built in store structure and a little HTML / CSS magic, you can have a full page of links to your other stores, your friend's stores and even offsite places that don't contravene the Printfection Term of Service or good common sense..

1. Once you have logged in to your Printfection Account, go to the Sections & Products menu for your store

2. Add a new Section called "Links" or whatever you would like it to be called

3. You can add an image and a teaser just as you would for any other section in your store. Do not add a description at this stage.

4. Click on View Section to enter the empty Links Section.

The following steps can be repeated for each link that you wish to create.

5. Create a new section for your link. Name it whatever you like

6. Do not add an image for the new section.

7. Edit the section info and go to the section teaser. This is where we are going to put the link, image and link teaser. For this example, I will add a banner image and link to the Ukulele Shirt World store.

8. At this point, we need to add some simple HTML to the teaser, change the image location and link href for the link that you wish to set up.

<a href="" title="Ukulele Shirt World" target="_blank" border="0px">
<img src="" border="0px" alt="" />

9. If you like, you can add text to describe the link for your visitor in the Section Teaser after the <br> tag . You will not be able to enter much, as the Teaser has a limitation of 256 characters.

10. Save the Section Info and go and have a look at your store at your shiny new links page.

11. You will notice that each link has the name of the section on top that actually links to within your store. To make this dissappear we need to do one final thing. Go back to the Links Section infor mation and add the following to the description:

.sectionTitleLink {display: none}

12. Save the Section info for the links section

Repeat steps 5 to 10 to add more links.

Let me know if you end up using this tutorial to create an onsite links page, and perhaps think about giving Teeplates a link on you links page by using the following Teaser:

<a href="" title="Ukulele Shirt World" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/></a><br><br>Custom Printfection Stores

You can see this style of links page in action at the following stores:

15.08.2007. 12:44

Kim on 30.03.2009. 19:19

I tried the links page add on and it won't leave my site. It links to the name of the section. I put the code you have as an example in the description box of my links page.

.sectiontitlelink display: none)

It is not working. I know Iam doing something wrong. Please send info to help.
Thank you Kim