How big should a Printfection store be?

It's an interesting question that I hear quite often, just how big should I make my store. There really is no simple answer to that question and is really dependent on a number of factors.

Firstly, think about someone like Amazon. They have thousands of products for sale, but  you never feel overwhelmed as a visitor. The key to this is in the navigation. They make it easy to see what is on offer, by showing a few products, but giving a simple menu structure that takes you to other areas.

In a Printfection Store, we need to do something similar and have a sample on the frontpage and well thought out categories that the menu can link to. Maybe no more than 20 front page items (sections and products) is ideal.

Page Load Times

The other thing to consider, is how long the store's home page will take to load. Too many sections and products will slow the page down because of the number of images. Cody Lindley has some interesting research on how big the home pages of some popular online retailers are. If you can keep your home page below 500K you should be OK. If you want to see how big your page is and how fast it loads, check out Pingdom

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Add a favicon to your store

A favicon, that little colored picture next to the address bar in your browser, is not something that you may thing is important to your store. True enough, it is not going to sell shirts for you,. It is however an important part of your overall branding and a nother way to differentiate you from the pack. It gets displayed every time your store is visited in someones browser, but more importantly, it gets put against your store in anyone's bookmark list.

A Favicon is one of the smallest images you will every create at only 16 x 16 pixels in size, yet if you get it right, it will be instantly recognisable. A favicon can be either a Gif image or and .ico file. There are plenty of tools out there to create such an image, however the one that I use is a simple, free webservice at You can create an icon completely from scratch using their simple grid based tool, or you can upload a file to be sampled and converted. Either way, the control that you have over the final result is terrific.

To give you some inspiration or at least a head start, click on the yellow rubber ducky to see some of the favicons that I have created for you to use.

To get you chosen favicon onto your store, just add the following HTML: to your Base HTML in the store admin Custom HTML page

<link href="" rel="shortcut icon" />

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Why I love CSS

Those of you that spend any time in the Printfection Forums will no that I mak no secret of the fact that I love CSS. I love the  way that it listens to me, I love the way that it always does what I ask and I especially love the freedom that it gives me to be creative. For some of you though, CSS is still a mysterious thing that feels like another world. Through this site and its collection of articles, as well as the many questions answered at the Forum, I have tried to make CSS as friendly as possible for everyone, and I do see some really great examples of people taking the standard themes and changing some of the colors and the page background to end up with something pretty good.

For example have a look at Oorah Graphics store. I'm not sure who's store this is, but notice the way that they have changed the colors to suit the military designs. What I don't often see however, is people taking the standard themes and turning them into something quite different.

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