Viewing the back of your shirt on rollover

There was a request last week for the ability to have the shirt's back shown when a visitor hoves their mouse. Well, I have pleasue in providing the answer to this.

Check out:

Depending on your internet connection, the back should show when you hover your mouse. If your link is slow, be patient.

So how did I do it. That's not important right now. How do you do it. Easy!!

Step 1: add the following two lines of HTML to the bottom of your base HTML section:

<script src="" type=text/javascript> </script>
<script src="" type=text/javascript> </script>    

N.B. If you already use my Coupon Code trick, you will only need the second script, as you already have the first.Just make sure this one is put last.

Step 2: You will need to edit the description of the products that you want this to apply to. All you need to do is make sure that the word 'back' is in the description and it will magically happen.

Step 3 (Optional): You can change the look of the "Hover shirt to see back" div. To do this, set a style for the .backnote class. eg:

.backnote {color: #fff; background: #555; margin-bottom: -5px; position: relative}

Please let me know if you use this, I love to see things in action.

15.08.2007. 12:56

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