Spruce up your store with Glogster

I get asked for my opinion on how stores look on very regular occasions. One of the most common areas of improvement that I recommend is all about showing the potential customer exactly what it is that you are selling. Too many store that I see don't have a single shirt image on the landing page of the store. Now of course you could just go ahead and drop a few images into your Home Page HTML, but I think there may be a much better approach using a new web based tool called Glogster.

Glogster is a kind of a digital scrapbook where you can create rich content with images, sounds, music and videos to create a web page. The best part for us though is that we can use it in a Printfection store to get that much needed product display. Glogster is pretty simple to use, so I'm not going to go too much into how to set up your page. Here is one that I have prepared earlier.  As you will see from my example, Glogsters are pretty big. (960w x 1300h) and at that size, not really all that useful for your store.

By using the top left hand portion of the glogster, we can create an interactive banner that is just the size we want. Have another look at the example and notice that the top left has most of the content. By modifying the height and width of the Embed code that Glogster gives you we can create the look we want. If you only want the Glogster to show on the home page of your store, put the embed code in the Home Page HTML.

Click on the shirts to see what happens. Hover the tag to see the link effect.

I really like Glogster and with a bit of planning, you can really add to your store.

You can see other examples in the following stores:

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Sabayenda on 05.06.2008. 21:25

Gavin, this is incredible! Definitely going to consider using this in my store...

Damiyu on 01.08.2008. 01:17

this is nice however, i'm not sure where to paste the embed command i'd like it to show where the products are typically showing on the home page...