Spruce up your store with Glogster

I get asked for my opinion on how stores look on very regular occasions. One of the most common areas of improvement that I recommend is all about showing the potential customer exactly what it is that you are selling. Too many store that I see don't have a single shirt image on the landing page of the store. Now of course you could just go ahead and drop a few images into your Home Page HTML, but I think there may be a much better approach using a new web based tool called Glogster.

Glogster is a kind of a digital scrapbook where you can create rich content with images, sounds, music and videos to create a web page. The best part for us though is that we can use it in a Printfection store to get that much needed product display. Glogster is pretty simple to use, so I'm not going to go too much into how to set up your page. Here is one that I have prepared earlier

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Add a comment / review system to your store

Printfection does not include any native way for shoppers to leave you comments or provide feedback. Most blogs and websites today have a mechanism for this, and now thanks to a couple of external free services, you too can have this feature in your Printfection store.

The desired outcome

Ideally, what we would like to end up with is an easy to manage system that allows shoppers to leave a comment on the page that they are viewing. The comment would then be moderated by the store owner and then approved for display. We would also want to make sure that there is no possibility of comment spamming.

As a side attraction, it would also be good if we could have the most recent comments displayed in the side bar of our store as well, so that people could see the recommendations and be linked to the product or section being commented on.

The Solution

Web 2.0 is a wonderful thing, with a number of awesome services that can embedded in other websites popping up all over the place. One of these is Intense Debate, a provider of a simple to install commenting system that has been designed to be embedded into a blog or similar websites. The good news is that it can just as easily be added to your Printfection store. The service includes all the moderation, anti spam  and thread management tools that we require. It can even output an RSS feed that we can then use to display recent comments in the sidebar.

You can see it in action here: Ukulele Shirt World

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Add a "Go To Top" button to your store

Some of the stores that I see around Printfection have a big long display of some wonderful designs. Problem is, once your shopper has gone all the way to the bottom of the page, they then have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to the menu, which is somewhat frustrating and annoying. There is a really simple way to deal with this by adding an internal link at the bottom of the page. You can achieve this by placing the following HTML somewhere on on your Base HTML page, preferably towards the bottom.

<a id="btnScroll" href="#logo" />Top of Page</a>

That will give you a simple text link that will return to the top of the page (#logo) immediately when it is clicked. You may prefer something a little more gentle however, where when clicked, the page will scroll back up to that same point.

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