List your stores with ease with the Printfection API

Because of the free premium stores at Printfection, many people end up creating a number of stores. The challenge then comes to find a way to link each of these stores together and give visitors an easy way to find out about all the other stores.

Now, thanks to the newly released Printfection API, it is possible to have a dynamic list of all your open stores automatically listed, complete with a logo if available. Here is a list of my stores:

If you add or close a store, the list will be refreshed accordingly. As part of the Printvection API process, each store holder that uses this is required to verify that they wish to link the script with their account. Each person then uses a unique session ID to access it all. To enable all this to happen very easily, please visit the page here to get your instructions: TeePlates - Related Stores Link Builder

17.08.2008. 06:40

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