Adding a "Send to a friend" link on your product pages

Many online stores have a link on their product pages that allow a
shopper to send an email link to a friend to let them know about the
product. Unfortunately, Printfection does not have this feature built
in to the storefront - until now!!

To make this happen, you need to add the following lines of code to the end of your Base HTML section:

<script src="" type=text/javascript></script>
var eMessage = "Hey Buddy, \n\nI found this really cool shirt at Ukulele Shirt World that I thought you might like. Check it out: ";
var eSubject = "Cool Shirts at Ukulele Shirt World";
var eText = "Tell a friend about this shirt";
<script src=""></script>

If you have already used the coupon or shirt back tricks, you will not need the first line.

To customize the email that is sent, you will need to modify the three variable in the code:

  1. eMessage -
    This is the body of the email that gets sent. The link to the product
    gets attached to this automatically. Use the n to insert carriage
    returns so that the email is well formatted.
  2. eSubject - This is the Subject of the email to be sent
  3. eText - is the text that gets inserted and used as the link.

if you want to use any of the following characters ' or " or in your
body or subject you will need to precede them with a backslash.

Here's a great shirt\gift at "Shirts R Us"


Here\'s a great shirt\\gift at \"Shirts R Us\"

The default link looks pretty plain, so you will want to use some CSS
to give it style. The link has a class of .sendLink and it sits inside
.sendDiv. Therefore you might want to do something like:

.sendLink {font-weight: bold, font-size: 18px}
.sendDiv {text-align: center}

If you want to go deeper with the CSS, you can get to something like:

If you do want to go deeper and need help, I am happy to be your dive buddy.

As usual, let me know if you use this so that I can give you a link on the blog.


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