TeePlates Expand Launched

There have been many comments over the time, bemoaning one limitation that we currently have to deal with. That is of course the 255 character limit for Product and Section Descriptions.

I also see a lot of request for "how do I setup an About Us".

Well, in an effort to deal with both of these linked challenges I would like to introduce TeePlates Expand.

TeePlates Expand gives you a combination of a rich content creation tool (wysiwyg HTML editor) and a Content Management System that will allow you to embed far more content than you could previously have into your Product and Section Descriptions. You can easily create an About Us page by creating a section with no products and embedding a TeePlates Expander that has all of your content.

Anyway, check it out, set yorself up with a free account and get going creating rich content for your Store.

10.11.2007. 14:13

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