myPFstore by TeePlates

Finally, it's here, Printfection stores on your own domain.

Take your Printfection store to the next level

myPFStore gives you a set of easy to use tools that allow you to have your Printfection store hosted and delivered from your own domain and even fully integrate your store into you own website. Your visitors can browse your sections and products without ever leaving your own site.

The benefits of having your store under your own domain include:

  • Better brand recognition - Stand on your own two feet
  • Better image to potential customers - break the Print on Demand perception
  • Improve SEO - Control your content to improved keywords and relevance
  • Integrate with other tools - email, blogs, forums, etc
  • Simpler web design - no need to learn Printfection store design.
  • Keeps visitors on your site for better visitor retention.

 With myPFstore, you have the power to display your store in the way that you want. myPFstore offers two modes of operation, Standard or Advanced. In standard mode, your store is displayed on your own domain looking very much the same as it does in your store. In Advanced mode, you get complete control over the look and postioning of the various store elements, such as menus, breadcrumb, sections and products. Advanced mode has been specifically designed to allow people to integrate their store into an existing website.

For example take a look at the following:

To get an even better idea of what can be done with myPFstore, check out the live examples at the bottom of this page.

Standard Features

myPFStore includes everything you need to start hosting your Printfection store from your own domain right away. Some of the main features include:

  • Simple installation
  • Combine multiple stores onto one domain
  • SEO friendly URLs - no long numbers, only your keywords
  • Use your myPFstore install as your homepage or as a subpage on your site.
  • Shoppers stay on your store, even after adding items to shopping cart.
  • Language Translation - Allow your visitors to select what language they see
  • Modular design for easy upgrades in future.
  • Design your store using standard HTML and CSS. No templating or scripting required.
  • Custom Upsell Page - send your shoppers where you want after they add an item to the cart.
  • Compressed pages are up to 85% smaller than the original Printfection pages - pages load quicker.
  • Improved HTML - myPFstore cleans up a lot of the older HTML used in a standard store
  • Added Usability features - eg: click on the large shirt image to see the detailed image and vice versa

myPFstore Server Requirements

myPFstore has been developed to work with any web host capable of delivering PHP documents. Your host must have PHP version 4.3 or higher which is fairly standard in today's hosting world. No database or other server software or scripts are required. If you are looking for a Web Host that is certain to work, give Siteground a look. I use them and have never had a problem.

Simple to install, even easier to manage.

A Standard mode myPFstore installation takes only a few minutes with most of the work handled by an easy to follow installation script. The Advanced mode options take only a little more effort to set up, its all fully documented, so shouldn't be too hard for most folks. Ongoing store management of your sections and products is managed through Printfections toolset.

It's only the beginning

We've got big plans for the future, especially once the Printfection API becomes readily available. It doesn't rely on the API right now, that will only make it better. Purchasers of myPFstore  will receive free upgrades for 12 months. Just make sure you let us know if you ever change your email address.

See it in action

The following sites are using myPFstore:


Ready to Buy?

Choose an option (Payment is processed by Paypal):  

  • Single Domain License - 1 yr upgrades
 $40 USD
  • Single Domain License - 1 yr upgrades
  • Installation Service
$60 USD
  • Single Server - Unlimited Domain License - 1 yr upgrades
 $90 USD

 You will receive an email after payment is made that gives you instructions for downloading your product.

Installation documentation is included in your package, or you can read it online here