Printfection Store customization just got easy - TeePlates Themer Launched

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As part of my ongoing commitment to make Printfection the best place to be for store holders, I bring to you TeePlates Themer.

Themer is a completely visual Printfection theme customisation tool that allows you the store holder to select all of the aspects of your store's look and feel without needing to know any CSS or doing any coding.

Just point, click and select the colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds that you want, and once you are happy, download all the generated CSS that you need to have your store looking just right.

Watch an Introductory Video

TeePlates Themer Store Designer

Themer is designed to work with the "Sandbox" printfection theme, so all you need to do is select that theme and then paste the downloaded CSS into the custom CSS for your store.

Join the community

It's more than just a design tool though, it is in fact a community driven site that allows people to create, publish and share their created themes. With your support, Themer can become a very large repository of free Printfection themes.


17.06.2008. 19:44

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