Free Printfection Theme No. 1

Free ThemeIt's been nearly a year since I had the pleasure of designing a number of new themes for Printfection for all of you to use and customise in your stores. Well I thought it was about time that I added a few more for a bit of variety and added choice. Perhaps someone can suggest a snazzy name for it, but until then, let me introduce you to a new free Printfection theme. 

Its a fairly bold theme with a strong use of contrast colors, however the bonus of this one is in the simplicity of its colors. Whilst the bulk of the design is made up of 5 shades of blue, there is one major contrasting color that can be changed to anything that you like.

In the example shown here, the contrasting hilite color is an orange #fca000  although by doing a search and replace on the CSS, it is possible to create a whole different feel by changing this color alone. For example you could try a red, yellow or green.

Of course it doesn't stop there. If you would prefer something other than blue, I have also provided a number of base colors that may also choose to use.

 Installationfrom here.

  1. Download the package here. You will find 5 different text files that each contain the required Custom CSS.
  2. Go to your the "Themes" tab of the store admin for your chosen store
  3. Select Sandbox as the them for your store. If you have any custom HTML that you have added, you will need to back this up first
  4. Go to the "Custom CSS" tab for your store
  5. Cut and paste the CSS contained in the CSS from the download package into the text are. Ensure that "Add to this theme's CSS" is selected.
  6. Click save and then view your store.

If there are any problems or queries, please post a comment here or leave a message in the Store Customisation thread on the Printfection Forum, and of course let me know if you use one of these so that I can give you a link from here.

30.01.2008. 04:36

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